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Benassi alla Live Arts Week di Bologna

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Benassi alla Live Arts Week di Bologna

Il video  presentato da Riccardo Benassi
Techno Casa is a performative environment that come to terms with factual reality: architecture is transformed into a system of displays / presentations and there is no longer any difference between a monitor and a room: a monitor becomes a touch screen only if in the room, human beings are roaming around, ensuring a certain degree of interactivity. Techno Casa is the sabotaging of the total PowerPointing of every discussion: suddenly rediscovering oneself to be a biped, dense subtle shades in a vacuum, complex relationships with the ethereal. Techno Casa has a sound whose sole function is to attract attention, a little like the polyphonic ring tone of a mobile phone: the melody is always identical to itself but we still cannot get used to it, or rather – like life – we feel it even when it is not there. The mobile phone has replaced design in the mediation between us and space – all the tools that we were surrounded with became invisible – the final victory of the objects is revealed in the total disappearance of each object. Thus, as this economy is basically intangible but not transparent, zero-stock to get rid of the architecture, out-sourcing to move the office into the apartment – technological colonization of the instant that goes hand in hand with the modular furniture. Vertical surfaces such as walls recognized the covenant that is provided by an electrical outlet. Techno Casa gives a sense to enclosures excluded – meat and spaces removed from the psycho-symbiosis process with digital emptiness: interfaces that crave content to make sense – and they call it love.
Images and text: Riccardo Benassi /
Animations: Jurij Magoga /
Original soundtrack composed by Riccardo Benassi
Voice by Margareth Kammerer
Production Assistant: Marianna Liosi

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