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A non-uncharged person signed the agreement with Ukrainian government about the Odessa LNG terminal realization's start on behalf of Spanish Natural gas Fenosa company. Ukrainian President Yanukovych's Administration faced a political earthquake due to an important project for Ukraine's energetic independence


A fundamental project for Ukraine's energetic independence has started with a unclear story. On Wednesday 11/26 Ukrainian Minister of Coal and Energy Yuri Boyko signed an agreement about the LNG terminal construction in Odessa's start.


Odessa LNG terminal, which has been planed to receive 10 bcd of liquefied gas from Algeria, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, and Azerbaijan, will be realized by US company Excelerate Energy and Spanish company Natural Gas Fenosa.


The Spanish company, which already realized several LNG terminals in Spain, has been represented by Mr. Jordi Bovenhi.


Nevertheless, in a official statement reported by the Financial Times, Natural Gas Fenosa company sentenced Mr. Bovenhi hasn't been uncharged to sign any contract with the Ukrainian government on behalf of the company.


As Reuters reported, Natural Gas Fenosa company also expressed the intention to quit Odessa LNG terminal's construction, provoking a political earthquake inside of Ukrainian Presidential Administration and the national Parliament.


Minister Boyko sentenced Mr. Bovenhi took part in all negotiations, and asked urgent explanations to Ukraine's national investments agency Chairman Vladyslav Kaskiv.


In the parliament, Democratic Opposition's spokesman Andriy Soboliev accused Minister Boyko, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and PM Mykola Azarov of lack of transparency in a fundamental project for Ukraine's energetic policy.


The situation has been partially solved on Thursday 11/29, after Mr. Bovenhi admitted that he signed the agreement with the Ukrainian government without any permission from Natural Gas Fenosa company.


Odessa LNG terminal's realization has been implemented after Ukraine went to a crisis with Russia. Russian gas major Gazprom imposed Ukrainian national concern Naftohaz a higher price for gas supplies than the one imposed to Western EU countries.


Minister Boyko ordered to decrease Russian gas's import from Russia, and signed a trimestral agreement with German company RWE to carry Russian gas from Germany via Hungary.


Moreover, Ukrainian Minister of coal and energy increased the use of coal and oil in order to guarantee Ukraine's industries activity.


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