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Centre-left primary election: Bersani and Renzi at last tv debate

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Centre-left primary election: Bersani and Renzi at last tv debate


Democratic Party's establishment candidate supports the UN observer status for Palestine and criticizes the USA for politics in Afghanistan. Florence's young major supports democracy in Iran and a fostering of EU relationship with US President Obama.

Middle East, Obama and Europe are the hot topics the two candidates to centre-left primary election spoke about during last tv debate on Wednesday 11/28.

Democratic Party's national secretary Pierluigi Bersani sentenced Arabian world problems can be solved just overcoming the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Bersani told the Israelian-Palestinian question is the most important problem in Arabian world. Moreover, Democratic Party's secretary sentenced Italy should vote in favor of the concession of the UN observer status to Palestine.

Florence's young mayor Matteo Renzi sentenced that the most important problem in the Arabian world is the Iranian one. According to Renzi, without democracy in Iran, Israel will be never sure, Palestine will be not independent, and Italy should not vote for UN observer status to Palestine as the USA and Great Britain.

Florence's young mayor added that the Arab Awakening has been a democratic movement which lost its values of freedom after extremists came to power in several Arabian countries.

What concerns Europe, Bersani told the EU should make social politics in order to ensure worker classes jobs and rights.

Democratic Party's secretary also stated in Europe all progressive forces should create an alliance in order to balance German Chancellor Angela Merkel's moderate politics.

Renzi told he's in favor of the United States of Europe with the President of the European Commission's direct election, a European civil service, and the creation af a new European generation.

Renzi also told Italy should make reforms which support meritocracy, in order to obtain respect from the other EU member countries.

Bersani strongly criticized US President Barack Obama's politics in Afghanistan, and sentenced the USA must evacuate Kabul as soon as possible.

Renzi told Italy should dialogue with US President Barack Obama as an European country which aims to foster the transatlantic relationship.

What concerns internal politics, Bersani supported a double turn's electoral system as the German one, in which political forces establish governmental coalition after the vote.

Renzi told the best electoral system for Italy is the one used to elect majors, in which the City's Head and every councillor are directly chosen by electors.

Last interesting point concerned the political alliance. Bersani supported an alliance between centre-left coalition's parties - the Democratic Party, left wing SEL party, the Socialist Party and centrist API party - with centre-left IDV party, left far wing FDS parties' federation, and centrist UDC political force.

Renzi told the Democratic Party should run alone, trying to convince other parties' elector to cast their ballot for the most important centre-left party. Florence's young major sentenced the Democratic Party has to avoid large coalition in order to ensure the governability in next government.

Pierluigi Bersani is a former Minister of the Economic Development who is supported by Democratic Party's establishment and powerful CGIL work union.

After the first turn he obtained the 44% of votes, mostly in the Southern regions and in the towns of Rome and  Bolonia.

Matteo Renzi is a Christian democrat Democratic Party's member who candidated despite of the Democratic Party's establishment.

Renzi, who obtained the 35%, won in Central regions and got a good result in Piemonte and Aosta Valley regions.

At the third place of the first turn has classified SEL national leader Nichi Vendola.

He obtained the 15% of vote, mostly in Apulia region, whose Vendola is the governor, and in the town of Milan, where he has been supported by most important northern Italian town's mayor Giuliano Pisapia.

Another primaries' competitor was API candidate and Milan's Budget Assessor Bruno Tabacci, who obtained the 1% of vote.

Second turn is to be held on 11/2. The first turn has been hold on 11/25.

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