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Centre-left primary election: Bersani and Renzi to the second turn

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Centre-left primary election: Bersani and Renzi to the second turn


The Democratic Party's national secretary supported by CGIL work union leads the electoral competition on young Christian democrat Florence's mayor. The local date distributes the data

One more week is necessary to design centre-left coalition's candidate to next April parliamentary election. After the first datas recognized the first place to Democrstic Party's national secretary Pierluigi Bersani on the young candidate Matteo Renzi, it's sure that a new turn is going to be held on 12/2.

Pierluigi Bersani, a former Ministry of the Economic Development supported by Democratic Party's establishment and powerful CGIL work union, declared he's satisfied by the way centre-left coalition primary election has been organized.

Bersani, who obtained the 44% of votes after the 4% of vote's count, also sentenced he's not going to ensure a place in his government to other primary election's competitors.

Matteo Renzi, a Christian democrat who took part to centre-left primary election despite of his Democratic Party's establishment opposition, declared he won in the traditional Democratic Party's strongholds.

Renzi, who obtained the 36% of votes following the 4% of votes, sentenced he's the one candidate able to enlarge the centre-left coalition's consensus among new electors.

Nichi Vendola, the left wing SEL party leader, criticized a non correct communication made by Italian media.

Vendola, who is the Apulia Region's governor voted in centre-left primaries by the 14% following the 36% of votes.

Particularly interesting is the local data. Bersani won in the traditionally communist town of Bologna, in his mother town of Piacenza and in Rome.

Matteo Renzi won in Democratic Party strongholds as Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia regions. Vendola obtains a good result in the Apulia region.

In the town of Milan, Bersani leads with the 40%, followed by Renzi with the 20% and Vendola with the 17%.

The other two primaries candidates are Democratic Party's member Laura Puppato and Centrist API leader Bruno Tabacci, who is the Milan's budget Assessor.

A second turn between Bersani and Renzi is going to be held next 12/2.

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