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Centre-left primary election: I've voted

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Centre-left primary election: I've voted


On Sunday 11/25, after the Holy Mess, with my parents and my little sweet dog Nerina I went casting my ballot in centre-left primary election.

Among the five candidates, I voted for the one who best represents my political values and the idea of what values the Head of next Italian government should be inspired on.

These values are Christian democracy, social liberalism, evolution of the EU in the United States of Europe, imitation of what the democratic President Barack Obama is doing in the USA.

I DID NOT vote for former communists or old politician who already governed my country leading a pro-Russian energetic policy and a pro-Arabian foreign policy. I dream a Italy which is allied with the EU in energetic policy and with the USA in foreign policy.

Moreover, I believe that the candidate of centre-left coalition in next April parliamentary election should create a future for we the youth, without leading the national government by old ideologies and schemes which pertain to a period already passed.

Despite of the idea someone has got, I believe also that voting in centre-left primaries is a sign of democracy. It's important that the Italians chose directly the candidate they prefer to present as the leader of one of the coalition which are going to run on next parliamentary election.

This is a tradition the centre-left coalition has got here in Italy, strictly lied to the heritage of the Resistance. During second world war our Fathers, together with the USA, fought against totalitarian regimes, in order to ensure their sons freedom, democracy, and peace.

In centre-left primaries five candidates are challenging for the candidate's nomination. The Democratic Party's national secretary Pierluigi Bersani, a former Ministry of the Economic Development, is supported by the Democratic Party's establishment and the powerful CGIL work union.

Florence's young mayor and Democratic Party's member Matteo Renzi is the youngest candidate. He's a Christian democrat who decided to take part in centre-left primaries despite of the Democratic Party's establishment position.

Nichi Vendola is the left wing SEL party's national secretary and Apulia Region's governor. He took part in centre-left primaries to guarantee the respect of workers and LGBT rights.

Centrist API party's member and Milan's Budget Assessor Bruno Tabacci is the most centrist candidate who decided to take part in the primary election to represent the most moderate voters of centre-left coalition.

Laura Puppato is the one woman who took part in the primaries. She represents women and the role they have in politics.

A second turn is scheduled if no one among the five candidates obtains the 50% of votes.

Matteo Cazzulani


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